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BTCV is a unique international volunteering organisation providing the bridge between global environmental ideals and local reality in the UK and overseas.
With Inspiring People, Improving Places as its philosophy, this Strategic Plan sets out our vision and values, and how people and environments will benefit from BTCV’s activities.

Everyone’s sense of ‘place’ is different. BTCV works with people and communities to take practical action to protect and improve the environment of their place – their street, neighbourhood, locality or region – wherever they live in the UK or overseas. We believe BTCV’s approach helps people to build healthy and safe communities, and increase their life skills.

* Cheshire Landscape Trust

Cheshire Landscape Trust is a non-membership registered charity established in 1981. We work at the grassroots level with community groups, including parish and town councils, schools and the Women’s Institutes to promote landscape awareness and conservation through community action such as Local Agenda 21, Sustainable Development, the Cheshire Tree Warden Scheme, the Cheshire Orchard Project and practical projects including tree, hedgerow and orchard planting and the Cheshire Parish Tree and Hedgerow Surveys. The Hedgerow Survey is being undertaken as part of the Local Biodiversity Action Plan for Ancient and/or Species-Rich Hedgerows and has resulted in the hedgerows of 33 parishes being surveyed, which is over 80km of hedge. This project continues to grow with a wide range of individuals and community groups taking part.

* Cheshire Ploughing and Hedgecutting Society

The Society was formed 100 years ago and in 2008 is putting on its 85th “Match”.’ It was originally formed by a group of Cheshire farmers to settle an argument about who had the best ploughmen and hedgelayers, this was in the days when large numbers of people were employed on the land and all the ploughing was done using horses.’ It now tours the county and has a different venue every year, please see location for details. There have naturally been enormous changes during the last 100 years and the best way to see this is to visit The Cheshire Ploughing Match – 30th September 2009.

* Cheshire Wildlife Trust

Cheshire Wildlife Trust is a charity that works to protect and enhance wildlife in the Cheshire region. As part of our role to safeguard our fragile natural heritage, we manage 45 nature reserves which help to protect endangered species, rare plants, and threatened habitats. We are all about people taking action for wildlife at a local level.

* CPRE Cheshire

Cheshire CPRE is a branch of one of the oldest, most highly respected environmental charities in the country.

We believe that the best way to encourage people to stand up for our countryside is to help them to understand and experience the joys of the countryside, the value of local foods, and the role of the villages and towns in protecting the rural landscape and keeping the countryside alive. The countryside is a living entity not only because is growing but because we are there amongst it. The countryside is forever changing: in our opinion, sometimes for the better but sometimes for the worse.


FWAG was established in 1969 by a group of forward thinking farmers who were concerned about the dramatic loss of habitat and wildlife as a result of the evere increasing intensification of farming methods. It is an independent Registered Charity and FWAG Limited operates throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It assists the people who manage the countryside with environmental management expertise, so food produced in the UK, our countryside and the native wildlife as we know it can be improved and protected for our future generations to enjoy.

* National Farmers Union

We believe that a thriving, beautiful countryside is one of the most important aspects of our national heritage. We are determined to maintain it and to meet the challenge of producing wholesome, high quality food while protecting wildlife and the environment.

* Natural England

Natural England is here to conserve and enhance the natural environment for its intrinsic value, the wellbeing and enjoyment of people and the economic prosperity that it brings.

* Reaseheath College

Reaseheath College is a specialist provider of vocational education and training in further and higher education for businesses, industries and communities which are mainly, but not exclusively, rural and land-based.

As one of the most successful specialist colleges in the country we are rapidly expanding our range of courses, and the Cheshire Hedgerow Network is very relevant to our’ Countryside Management curriculum.

* Sandstone Ridge Econet Partnership

The aim of the Sandstone Ridge ECOnet Partnership is to create an interconnected network of woodlands, heathlands, peatlands, wetlands and grasslands along the Ridge to provide benefits for people and wildlife.’ The creation of this “ecological network” will take shape over many years, and will have a lasting impact on everyone who lives and works in the area. The Sandstone Ridge ECOnet Partnership will be made up of a number of individual projects which, together over time will:
Expand and link areas for wildlife

* Increase public enjoyment of the landscape
* Celebrate the local cultural associations with the landscape
* Support rural skills through training
* Coordinate and improve the interpretation of this unique landscape for education and enjoyment.

The Partnership is the latest phase in Cheshire County Council’s long-term ambition to create an ecological network in Cheshire by 2020AD.

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