What is the Cheshire Hedgerows Network?

We are a partnership of organisations aiming to bring together funders, volunteers and those responsible for land maintenance to share experience, skills and resources to ensure the future of this vital aspect of our agriculture, environment and heritage.

What’s so special about hedgerows?

Did you know that there’s a bigger area of wildlife habitat in all of our hedgerows than there is in all the country’s nature reserves put together? Or that the oldest hedgerow growing was planted over 900 years ago? Hedgerows contain 5% of our native stock of broad-leaved trees, 600 species of flowering plant, 1,500 species of insect, 54 species of birds and 20 species of mammal. They also add to the beauty and character of our local landscapes.

What can Cheshire Hedgerows Network offer?

We will be offering regular courses and networking events to bring together all those with an interest in our hedgerows, including farmers and land managers, funders, volunteers and experts in conservation and restoration.
We will encourage and support work in maintaining and restoring existing hedgerows, and in planting new hedges. We aim to create a ‘one-stop’ online information source, and to encourage the sharing of skills and expertise.

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