2012 Hedgerow Award Scheme launched

Cheshire’s hedgerows and the trees that grow in them are among the finest features of its landscape.  Cheshire is still predominantly a dairy county and has been fortunate in retaining its many fields and the hedgerows which bound them.  However, over the years many have been grubbed out and replaced with wire and others have suffered through neglect.  Most of the hedgerow trees (mainly oak) have passed their prime and need replacement.

This Award Scheme is designed to encourage all those with land to look after their hedgerows and their trees, to replace, where practical, barbed wire fencing with new plantings, to ‘gap up’ where gaps exist and plant saplings in such gaps or encourage stool growth by coppicing.  In order to increase the value to all wildlife hedges should be cut to the A shape.  This broadens the base and increases the stock proof capability. (CPRE have produced a small booklet ‘A Little Rough Guide around the Hedges’ with details on additional hedgerow species.)*

Entering the Scheme: This is open to anyone who has a fieldside hedge; you do not have to be a farmer, but garden hedges are not eligible.  The length of hedging will be a factor in the adjudication but not an overriding one.   Previous award winners will be eligible a second time only.  Entrants will not necessarily be informed when their hedges are being judged.  The decision of the judges will be final.  There is no entry charge.

For full details, download the entry form via this link:


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